11 Nov

Nov 6 2011
Drew Walker
Dear Family&friends,
Sorry that it has been quite a while since I have blogged, but it has been nearly impossible to get Internet anywhere around where I live. So far things have been going pretty well. Last week me and all the other exchange kids from all over Ghana got to go on a trip to the north for the whole week. It was really nice to meet and talk to other kids that are going through the same thing we are , we could all relate to each others stories. We were also with three people that were not exchange students, there were two girls from Canada who are working to stop the abuse and fight for equal rights for women in foreign countries. And there was also a german guy who came as a volunteer as a teacher, he teaches social studies and English. They were all very nice people, especially the Canadian girls because they were almost exactly the same as my sister and they were fun to talk to and hang out with.
We went to lots of places in the north we got to see the oldest mosque in west Africa, we went to the mole national park and saw lot of animals, we also got to go swimming under a giant waterfall which I thing we all agreed was the best part of the trip. On the way we also saw lots of little villages with mud huts which was really cool, and we got to meet the chief of one of the villages. Overall I think that it was the biggest learning experience we all have had this whole trip. Another thing I liked about this trip is that we had some heart to heart talk about how we were doing and just some things that we would not be able to tell our host families. Through those heart to heart talks two of the girls have decided to change their host families and most of us decided that school here is a waste of time.
We decides this mainly because the teachers almost never show up to class and when they do all they do is read pages directly out of the text book and don’t actually teach anything. This is why me and my good friend Avery have decided that on the weekends we will be going on our own independent trips around the city of Accra, and maybe even some outside of the city. We have made a small list of places we want to go and decided that they will be goals for us to go there. Our first place we will be going either tomorrow or next weekend is cape coast to do a canopy walk and go to the beach and also see a monkey sanctuary, It will be only for the day but it should be pretty fun.
Another thing that has been going on today and through out the weekend is a Muslim holiday where we get to slaughter goats. Usually you are supposed to kill only one goat but my host moms sister came over with her kids we had to kill two goats because the tradition is that you feed the whole family, a dear friend, and a few neighbors. So I got to witness the killing of two goats today, which I have to say was mildly disturbing.
So that is about it for what has been going on lately, so keep checking up for the next post but I can’t promise it will be soon


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  1. Kelly Scott

    November 11, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    Wow Drew. What an experience you are having. I am so glad you are having such amazing adventures! You are learning so much and school is not as important as everything else you are doing and experiencing..I am so proud of you Drew for being so independent and mature and having such an amazing adventurous spirit! I remember when Grandpa slaughtered animals when i was a kid and Grandma and grandpa were going through some “back to nature” thing for awhile. it was very disturbing to watch rabbits and sheep being slaughtered… likely why I eat neither of them to this day!! Same with chickens and chicken is not my favorite either…I love you so much.
    the Kressley boys said to say hi. Evan got a new truck…Sam Wicks signed with Boise State for swimming. I think that is most of the news from “your people” that I know! Chandler and Chloe miss you like crazy they said…Talk with you soon. Love you sweetie. Mom

  2. anessia

    November 11, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Good to hear from you Drew. Sounds like you are having lots of adventures, and storing up lots of stories to tell. We have about a foot of snow here, and Jake is already bummed that he will not have his buddy to snow board with all winter. Stay safe, and for goodness sakes, eat! you look skinny.

  3. Sam Walker

    December 21, 2011 at 3:55 am

    Hi Drew,It seems you are having quite a time.I wish communication were better so you could share much more of your adventure.Just thinking about you D.Hope to hear from you soon,Love Dad


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