Nov 6 2011
Drew Walker
Dear Family&friends,
Sorry that it has been quite a while since I have blogged, but it has been nearly impossible to get Internet anywhere around where I live. So far things have been going pretty well. Last week me and all the other exchange kids from all over Ghana got to go on a trip to the north for the whole week. It was really nice to meet and talk to other kids that are going through the same thing we are , we could all relate to each others stories. We were also with three people that were not exchange students, there were two girls from Canada who are working to stop the abuse and fight for equal rights for women in foreign countries. And there was also a german guy who came as a volunteer as a teacher, he teaches social studies and English. They were all very nice people, especially the Canadian girls because they were almost exactly the same as my sister and they were fun to talk to and hang out with.
We went to lots of places in the north we got to see the oldest mosque in west Africa, we went to the mole national park and saw lot of animals, we also got to go swimming under a giant waterfall which I thing we all agreed was the best part of the trip. On the way we also saw lots of little villages with mud huts which was really cool, and we got to meet the chief of one of the villages. Overall I think that it was the biggest learning experience we all have had this whole trip. Another thing I liked about this trip is that we had some heart to heart talk about how we were doing and just some things that we would not be able to tell our host families. Through those heart to heart talks two of the girls have decided to change their host families and most of us decided that school here is a waste of time.
We decides this mainly because the teachers almost never show up to class and when they do all they do is read pages directly out of the text book and don’t actually teach anything. This is why me and my good friend Avery have decided that on the weekends we will be going on our own independent trips around the city of Accra, and maybe even some outside of the city. We have made a small list of places we want to go and decided that they will be goals for us to go there. Our first place we will be going either tomorrow or next weekend is cape coast to do a canopy walk and go to the beach and also see a monkey sanctuary, It will be only for the day but it should be pretty fun.
Another thing that has been going on today and through out the weekend is a Muslim holiday where we get to slaughter goats. Usually you are supposed to kill only one goat but my host moms sister came over with her kids we had to kill two goats because the tradition is that you feed the whole family, a dear friend, and a few neighbors. So I got to witness the killing of two goats today, which I have to say was mildly disturbing.
So that is about it for what has been going on lately, so keep checking up for the next post but I can’t promise it will be soon


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Hey guys,sorry I haven’t written in a while. Every time we want to go to the cafe the power goes out in the whole neighborhood. It had been quite a pain recently. But other than that thing have been going great! Yesterday we got to drive to the top of some mountain in the middle of no where. It was amazing one of the best views I have ever seen, when we were at the top we could see two different cities/regions of Ghana on either side of the mountain. That also happens to be where bob marleys wife lives, we saw the house but didnt get to meet her. After we came down the mountain and went to a festival in the town. It was crazy, I have never seen so many people in my life. The streets were crowded and people were riding horses as fast as they could go up and down them. It was not very safe, we had to keep jumping out of the street. Another thing that way quite sad was they were hitting the horses in the head and ears to get them angry so they would rear up on their back legs. One time I was in the back row of a crowd and one of the horses back up and slammed right into us knocking the whole crowd over including me as I stepped on a little kid behind me and fell. Over all, that was pretty exciting. When we got home I was going to take a shower but when I shut the door there was a spider that was the size of my whole had on the back of the door, I screamed and ran out and didn’t take a shower that night. As far as school goes it is good I have made lots of friends, but we still have not gotten our uniform and book which is annoying because whenever we try to talk to the head ladie she acts like she is busy and walkes away or just tells us the they are coming. So that is about it for what is going on lately I’m learning lots of stuff and adjusting well, so I’ll keep you guys posted.


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So our power has been out for a day and a half now, we have had no running water or electricity and it just so happens that all of the electronics in the house are dead. The power finally came on a few hours ago. Earlier today I got a visit from my friends at AFS Ghana they were just checking in I guess, they said they will be there once a month. I a
So found out that I will be picked up on Monday and we will get to go check out the school and meet the head master. I think we officially start school on tuesday. I’m pretty excited about that because it will be my first time wearing a uniform, I think it will be pretty cool. It’s been a little slow around the house lately not much to do so me,salihu, and jalil have been doing random stuff. like yesterday we attempted to climb a coconut tree after that didn’t work out we burnt some dry bushes in front of the house. So that is about it lately, it sounds like we might go to the beach or the mall sometime next week so I’ll let you know.

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Host family

Yesterday I finally made it to my host family, they are very nice but to tell you the truth I don’t know all of their names yet. Yesterday igot picked up from the AFS office by my host brother, then we took a taxi to my host dads office he is a politician I guess, I didn’t really understand what he does though. We were there for a very long time because he left and didn’t come back for about three hours. It was ok because I slept most of the time. When we got to the house I was pretty surprised, it was much bigger than I thought it was. Today I woke up and got to take a cold shower out of a bucket it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was actually kind if fun. After that me, my host brother, and host mother took food to a pre school which was pretty fun. I got to meet all of the kids who were poking at me and calling me obruni (white man). Over all it was pretty fun. Also sorry about no pictures it is just hard because when I take my camera into the city everyone stares at me like I’m crazy and lots of people do not like their picture taken. My host family also told me that I look like a big time tourist, which is not a good thing. So that is pretty much what has been going on lately, I’ll try to get pictures soon soon.


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In Ghana, but no wifi?

So we finnaly made it to Ghana! It was very nice coming in we saw all of the city lights and the setting sun which was awesome! When we got in we just went straight to bed, we were all too tiered to be amazed. The next mooring we soaked it all in. It is such amazing place it’s unexplainable if I had to explain it, it would take forever. So being that I haven’t had wifi for the past three days it would be impossible to tell you everything we did in just three days. Just to sum it up, we met with other exchange students from belgium and France. We did some more orientation getting to know all the new people and learn more safety tips. The next day there was more orientation in the morning then the AFS Ghana people took us into Accra to learn how toyed the public transportation all I can say is it was psyco but lots of fun! Today we did more stuff around the town, then we got to go on a ghanian television show which is like the MTV of Ghana. there was lots of singing and dancing it was very exciting. So the is my trip so far, very summed up. But everyone was right when they told us it was going to be very over whelming and tiering in everyday. So keep checking up I will try to blog as possible but wifi is hard to find and and usually have to pay for it.


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In new york

After some long crazy flights I made it to new York. I had some trouble in the beginning because I guess there was a paper that told us where to go but I did not get it. Luckily I found another kid going to Ghana with me, he was also wondering the airport but he had the paper so we went together. But we soon realized that we got on the wrong train and we were on the total opposite side of the airport. So we had to go all the way back and then walk about one and a half miles to the other baggage claim. It was very tiring because my 45pound bag does not have wheels and I had to carry it on my back with my 5pound backpack.
When we finally got to the hotel we got to talk to a kid who went to Ghana last year, this made all of us more excited. So it was a very long and tiering day but I’m glad it is over. Tomorrow is the actual day that get to leave, I’m feeling More confident now than I was.So That was my day, check out My blog on thursday and I should be in Ghana.

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Last day!

It is finally the last day for me in anchorage. I really don’t know if I’m more nervous or excited, I have butterflies in my stomach but not the bad kind. The thing that I am not excited for is the long flights getting there. So hopefully I make ok and I’ll post when I get there stay tuned!

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